How To Distribute?

     3D-NLS Health Analyzer and Bioplasm-NLS Health Analyzer and Metatron Hunter NLS 4025  and Biophilia Tracker have the latest, most innovative and user friendly software and is spreading rapidly around the world. We are looking for more professionals to join our team of distributors. If our distributors do well, we do well and our main focus is to assist you in spreading the wonder of this machine to countries and clinics all over the world.

    Our goals are first to help people and second to help you prosper. Distributors are given the lowest price and the most support. All we need from you is commitment and work ethic. Please email us for more information about becoming a distributor.View Contact Details


Our Distrubutors

Name: Jose Eduardo de Lima


Name: Mr. Seth Back

PhoneUSA toll free: 844.420.8068
Ph/whatsapp: +506 84814161