Non-linear System - Metatron 4025 Hunter

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Non-linear System - Metatron 4025 Hunter

    The idea of the multidimensional non-linear systems represents for us the bases for a holistic thinking. It is a matter of seeing the human being with his psyche, his soul and his organism as a complex being which does everything else than to work merely in a linear manner from A to B (fig. 1); but, instead of, perceives all possible interconnections and thus allows communication between every component of our being (fig. 2).

    Whether we call this kind of communication "phases of transformation", "information field" or "cell communication" is a question of perspective. It is of marginal importance from which professional discipline you come, „The new kind“ outlines the links to all approaches and mediates handling this complex life and health understanding.

    According to current state of knowledge the information which reaches a person is that what influences the work of our cells including the DNA. Not only food, also thoughts, the attitude of client and consultant towards health as well as everything else that surrounds us, brings information and nutritional values into the person. A sausage in curry sauce with chips definitively contains different information and therefore has different effects than well steamed vegetables with rice.

    Many scientists like Bruce Lipton, Prof. Gariaev, Emoto Masuru or also Heisenberg show us that every body cell requires an optimal supply with in-formation in order to work in the best way possible and to optimally reproduce the DNA. All those hints we can already discover in the thousands-of-years old works of the western medicine.

    We design the Metatron 4025 hunter system which uses the Non-linear System, that can help us better treat our health.


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