NLS-research With Biophilia Tracker In Case Of Urinary Bladder Tumors

Author:Thomas  UpdateTime:2019-01-07

The most statistically reliable method of NLS-research in case of urinary bladder tumors is an ultramicroscopic research with the usу of spectral-entropy analysis. Such method provides the detection of the tumor less than 3 mm., specifies its localization and in case of its invasive form it allows specifying its proportion in relation to adjacent organs and tissues. It is possible to examine the layers of bladder wall in all patients when using 3D NLS-ultramicroscopic research.

The visualization of small sized formations (less than 4 mm.) is complicated in case of common non-scaling NLS-research; in more rarely cases the visualization of larger tumors located on the frontal urinary bladder wall is complicated. Performance of spectral-entropy analysis with ultramicroscanning always helps to make correct diagnosis in cases like these. The frontal urinary bladder wall which is put close to an abdominal wall is visualized with considerable zooming in, which allows examining both wall layers and their correlation with tumor nodule.

At the present time we are able to use extensively NLS-research of urinary bladder tumors with 3D-reconstruction. The method allows visually presentation of the tumor and its correlation with surrounding tissues when making decision on choosing of surgical procedures type, and it allows storing the information in digital format. Information storing provides the possibility for attending doctors to subsequently review the whole 3D information block which gives more objectiveness to 3D NLS-research with biophilia tracker.

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