NLS-research By Biophilia Tracker Is Important In Metastatic disease

Author:Thomas  UpdateTime:2019-03-04

Diagnostics of metastases into liver is very important. Analysis of detected metastatic disease foci according to high information valuable methods (MRI and CT) proven, that sometimes NLS-research by biophilia tracker carried out after tomography detected not all, even well-known, foci of localization. Presence of different in structure foci is typical exactly for metastatic affection of liver.

Potentials of liver metastatic affection detection are significantly extended by CT and MRI with contrast enhancement. Cystic-necrotic neoplasms in liver are more successfully diagnosed with NLS-method. Diffuse infiltrating metastases, as a rule, are diagnosed poorly by NLS-examination; they may resemble diffuse diseases of liver. In some cases one has to use puncture biopsy of liver to confirm diagnosis. Need in CT or MRI for patients with signs of metastatic affection of liver is obvious.

In conclusion we would like to emphasize that within NLS-method, new and more information valuable methods are being developed. Application of continuous spiral scanning, spectral-entropy analysis, three-dimensional visualization in many aspects improves diagnostics of both malignant and benign neoplasms, approaching accuracy of diagnosing to 81%. Cost of NLS-researches is considerably lower than cost of CT and MRI. Recently, diagnostic role of ultramicroscopic evaluation of chromosome aberrations, detected by ultrahigh-frequency generators (40 GHz), especially in cases of metastatic disease, becomes more and more important. Therefore, diagnostic process in every case is individual and must be based on numerous generalized data of all carried out researches. At the first stage of diagnostics NLS-examination (especially dynamic one) is preferable and further choice of high information valuable expensive methods is advised to carry out depending of acquired from previous examinations data.

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