Meta Therapy Of Biophilia Intruder Bioresonance Machine

Author:Thomas  UpdateTime:2021-02-22

The Meta therapy of Biophilia Intruder Bioresonance Machine is the most common therapy to restore organic frequencies. This is done with the help of the connection between the head phones and the laser, which activate the structure and come into resonance with the organ to be treated. Thus it is sufficient to send frequencies of the most appropriate “normal optimal values”, which are available in the given database. In this manner, it is possible to approach almost normal values of the organs, called “etalons” (normal standard). It all varies according to the length of the pre-existing problem, and the receptivity of the patient to the Meta therapy.

If the problem is relatively recent, one treatment may be enough.

It is possible to treat several organs at the same time (at the same consultation). If the problem has existed for a long time, the degree of entropy in the organ is elevated, implying more chaos, then more than one treatment is necessary to regain order in the structures and frequencies.

It is possible to use the 3d nls technique to follow the effects of the treatments and the body’s own efforts to self heal.

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