An Overview Of The Feature Of Biophilia Tracker X3

Author:Thomas  UpdateTime:2020-08-26

The Biophilia Tracker X3 is a kind of Pathomorphology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Phamacology, Organpreparation, Nutraceuticals and analysis system of clinical medical database.

1. The visit is completely pain-free and takes place comfortably seated;

2. You only need to spend half an hour can get your physical condition information;

3. The investment of purchase is repaid within a short time thanks to satisfied customers;

4. No preparation on the client’s side is necessary;

5. Suitable for all persons without limitations;

6. The examination is precise and individual;

7. The whole body can be examined;

8. Ideal for the early diagnosis of disorders;

9. Finds the hidden causes behind the symptoms;

10. Complex technology – simple application;

11. Clarifies the connection of the disorder;

12. Individual testing of the most suitable therapy;

13. Strong motivation from the client’s side through an ingenious visualization;

14. Individual testing of burdens, allergies and intolerances;

15. Incorporated Meta therapy;

16. High riproducibility sustained by the users;

17. Unbeatable relation cost/performance. Compare!

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