Feature Detail Of Bioplasm NLS

Author:Thomas  UpdateTime:2020-09-04

1. Bioplasm NLS is not invasive detection, the test will not have any discomfort. Non-voltage electrical stimulation, do not touch the skin, Not play reagent. No any hazardous radiation damage, Not to take off a sweater, Not need wait-Not fasting, Not any side effects.

2. Only takes 30 minutes to complete the body of 16 kinds of 3D simulation CT scans detect for quick analysis and evaluation of health status.

3. an be detected with 12 systems of the human body tissue changes then comparison the scanning range up to 300 or more.

4. Clear understanding human next 3 ~ 5 years of health risk assessment, reduce his an attack of opportunity to achieve the effect of prevention is better than cure.

5. The world’s unique fusion of spectral resonance quantum resonance analysis. Acoustic resonance analysis.

6. Test different drugs and health food affect the circumstances of the body.

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